CPC and Budgeting

You determine your budget and the CPC (cost per click) ad rate that you pay.

Ad Rate

Pay what you want per click. You can adjust the rate at any time to improve performance. The higher the rate, the more frequently your ads will be shown, compared to competing ads.

Budget Commitment

You can commit a set amount to your campaign, and run till the budget is spent, or end the campaign on a date you desire, or top up as your budget is used and keep advertising indefinitely.

Multiple Campaigns

You can run one campaign, or multiple campaigns. Each campaign has its own budget, schedule, and target audience.

Creative Artwork

When you prepay your account to $5,000 or more, the artwork for your first campaign is FREE (a $499 value). Additional artwork for multiple campaigns can be purchased at $499 per campaign.

Payment Options

Payment is convenient. Use your credit card, PayPal account, or electronic funds transfer to prepay your account. After that, you can commit funds to each of your campaigns. You can start with any budget amount, but for best effectiveness, a start-up budget is recommended to be at least $5,000 to $10,000.

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