Our mobile phone advertising platform provides delivery of targeted messaging, featured in an unobtrusive manner on virtualy any type of mobile offering. This is a DIY (do-it-yourself) service, so you are in control.


What makes an advertising message irritating/boring/irrelevant to the consumer? Improper or careless targeting, or a "buckshot" method of wide, indiscriminate, untargeted distribution. Every advertiser wants his message to reach the right buyer, at the most convenient time. Mobile phone marketing allows you to choose when, where, and to whom your message is displayed, which increases the chances that the customer will respond -- increasing your bottom line ROI.


Mobile users appreciate information that helps them make good buying choices, on the spot. A mobile message can be delivered at the point when the customer is most likely to want it. The right message for the location, for the person, for the occasion. Focus your campaign by age group, gender, location, the content being used (for example, games, maps, guides), and more. Example: a mobile-based application displaying a collection of cocktail recipes, with the added value of bar and cab finders. The local bars and cab services have their ads displayed right where the consumer needs them.


Mobile messages can be sent to just about any type of mobile device, so technology hurdles are not an issue. This "non-denominational" model allows message delivery in any type of mobile content structure, including mobile games, mobile search, applications, web sites, and text messages. Recent technology breakthroughs mean that it is now easier than ever to serve ad messages directly to the people who are most interested in them.


This is a self-service system, designed to put control into your hands. It's like web advertising, on rails.


You decide what you want to promote, and who you want to reach. You simply tell us what you want with a few selections on our form, and then say "GO." Your campaign is routed precisely where it needs to go - your potential customers. You stay in the driver's seat, making adjustments as you desire, to take best advantage of the mobile landscape.


You can add to your campaign budget as desired, and you can change your campaign at any time. You can run multiple campaigns to test out your marketing message, or promote more than one product or business. Don't have a mobile website? You can use "click-to-call," or email.

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